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Leftover Food Recipes: We provide a wide range of delicious suggestions for new recipes out of meal and food leftovers with the purpose of reducing food waste .Recipes include appetizers, main dishes, dessert, and other types of various recipes that inspire those who are concerned with minimizing food waste to make special recipes out of leftovers. Enjoy seeing Negaderha leftover recipes.

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The Leftover Recipe Videos

Date Pancakes

What can I do with old dates?

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Creamy Vegetable Soup

What can I do with ripe vegetables?

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Chicken Risotto

What can I do with leftover boiled chicken?

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Chicken Curry Pockets

What can I do with leftover toast bread?

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Cheese Rolls

What can I do with leftover ripe parsley and mint leaves?

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Bread Pudding

What can I do with a leftover croissant?

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Banana Brownies

What can I do with leftover ripe banana?

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Baked Beef with Vegetables

What can I do with leftover cooked beef?

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Apple Crumble

What can I do with ripe apples?

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Alfredo Pasta

What can I do with ripe mushrooms?

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"Innovate & Appreciate" Leftover Cookbook

In Ramadan 2017, Negaderha launched a competition entitled "Innovate & Appreciate," with the objective of raising awareness about food management practices and solutions within the household sector, practically food leftover recipes. The concept of the competition was to utilize food leftovers from Iftar meal to create new innovative recipes for Suhour meal. The competition was featured on Savola World social media platforms, and it received a great interaction among the target audience and many valuable entries were received. In recognition from Negaderha Program for the participants, we have prepared a cookbook entitled "Innovate & Appreciate for Leftover Food & Meals," which contains a selection of the most creative recipes received in the competition. We dedicate this book for all of those who are interested in enhancing their food management practices and those who are seeking innovative and budget cooking recipes.