Portion Planning Tool

Making the Right Food Portions & Meal Planning

The Portion Planning Tool:

Negaderha Program has developed the portion planner calculator in collaboration with a specialized research agency with expertise in the Saudi market and in the region. The research was based on conducting in-depth interviews with experienced food and nutrition experts, including professional chefs, restaurant owners, dietitians, academics and housewives. The research aimed to identify the scientific recommendations of specialists in the field in order to make the right estimates on the correct meal size based on the number of people eating that meal. The average quotas were produced then divided based on the food groups. This tool eliminates the guesswork and random cooking, which reduces food waste. Make use of our calculator tool when you start preparing any meal!

The Portion Planning Tool

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Planning the Perfect Portions

Many times in our constantly busy lives, we take random decisions to overcome sudden situations or survive hectic schedules. When it comes to food, random decisions only exacerbate our problems in the long run. The habit of creating weekly or monthly meal plans can help us in many ways.

Here are some reasons why having a meal plan is important:

Guarantees a healthy family diet:

A meal plan gives you the chance to think about which food groups you could combine for your family and when. This ensures that your family enjoys a variety of well-balanced meals throughout the week.

Caters to specific dietary needs::

Meal plans enable you to think and share ideas with family members so you can cater to picky eaters or anyone who has specific dietary requirements for health purposes.

Saves food and money:

With a meal plan, you would have already made conscious decisions to only buy products that are needed in your plan. This means you will avoid making quick, impulsive decisions at the supermarket that waste both money and food.

Saves time:

A meal plan will save you time because your list will incorporate leftovers and dishes you have frozen – making you more prepared and more likely to use leftovers and the dishes in your freezer rather than run in panic to the supermarket.

Reduces stress levels:

Finally, as you start to notice that you are saving money and time and are more organized, you will feel more relaxed and less stressed when it comes to your meals. Why stress over food when you know what to prepare every day and already have the ingredients for it?