Portion Planning Tool

Negaderha Household Solutions

In cooperation with its international partners, Negaderha Program has developed practical tips and tools related to the management of food waste for the household sector. These solutions tackle the different stages of food consumption cycle and include the following:

Grocery Shopping: We developed practical tips were with regards to food purchasing, as well as best practices and solutions to be followed before, during and after the food shopping process, which in turn helps reduce food waste.

Food Storage: We provide solutions to store various types of food in good and correct ways, to ensure their safety and validity for longer periods.

Portion Planning: We provide practical meal planning tips, and we developed a Portion Planner Tool, which enables the housewives to make the right food amount estimates before cooking, by producing recommendations on the correct portion sizes based on the number of eaters, which in turn eliminates the guessing process and contributes to the reduction of food waste.

Food Leftovers: We provide a wide range of delicious suggestions for new recipes out of meal and food leftovers with the purpose of reducing food waste .Recipes include appetizers, main dishes, dessert, and other types of various recipes that inspire those who are concerned with minimizing food waste to make special recipes out of leftovers.