Portion Planning Tool

Negaderha Alliance with the Food NGOs

Negaderha alliance with the national food non-governmental organizations aims to: Build strategic partnerships with the local NGOs that specialize in food conservation in the Kingdom. Establish a communication and networking hub between Negaderha and these NGOs, and expand Negaderha scope of work we to include all the major regions and ci ......

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Community Awareness Campaigns

Negaderha program conducts ongoing awareness community campaigns, based on the most effective global practices and expertise. These campaigns aim to engage with the target audience, raise awareness regarding  food waste issue and provide practical solutions and advice that will help them make more efficient and sustainable choices. Negaderha a ......

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Distribution of 1,000,000 Food Containers

Negaderha-  in partnership with Itaam,-  distributed more than a million food containers. This initiative was undertaken by working with 98 facilities in the hospitality sector, benefiting 143,000 households in the Kingdom's major regions. The initiative aimed to offer one million food containers to reduce food waste in the HORECA sector ......

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