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In cooperation with its partners, Negaderha Program has developed solutions and tools for food waste management in the HORECA Sector. Negaderha produced a Guiding Manual on “The Food Waste Management in the Sector of Restaurants, Hotels and Cafés.” This manual aims to create a behavior change, raise awareness and enable the HORECA owners and workers to reduce food waste, which may occur at any stage of the food consumption cycle. The Manual provides practical advices, tools and tips developed by competent international organizations, nutrition experts, cooks and business owners all over the world, and enables food enterprises to manage their practices efficiently and professionally with respect to food waste management.

What can not be measured... can not be managed!

The first step in reducing food waste is to calculate it. Food waste calculation will help the establishment to identify Waste Sources .

1 Damaged Waste

The damaged food material that has expired or has been molded.

2 Preparation Waste

The food waste resulting from the process of food preparation.

3 Customer Dish Waste

The food waste resulting from the process of food preparation.

Steps of Measuring Food Waste in your Facility

  • 1Planning

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      Take a look at the restaurant's sections, container locations and container allocation according to food waste sections.

  • 2Tools Preparation

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      Provide the following tools :

      • Waste containers with ties

      • A Scale

      • A Calculator

  • 3Staff Preparation

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      Identify methods of sorting the waste by type and the disposal routes.

  • 4 Measurement

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      • 1Measure each container using the bags scale, according to waste types
      • 2Calculate total container weight
      • 3Repeat the process for three days
      • 4Evaluate the results to identify the size and causes of waste

Tips to Reduce Food Waste in the HORECA Sector

It is possible to limit food waste in the following processes:

  • Leftover Food

    • 1 - Offer the previous day baking at a fair price
    • 2 - Pickle any excess vegetables
    • 3 - Offer leftover, untouched meals to the employees in your establishment
  • Food Preparation

    • 1 - Provide some vegetables with their peels, which helps to reduce the great waste in preparation
    • 2 - Use dried, frozen or pickled ingredients to increase the life of ingredients and to reduce the chances of damage
    • 3 -  Do not bake new bread quantities, until the completion of the existing baking
    • 4 - Avoid serving large amounts in a dish at a time
  • Restaurant Management

    • 1 - Separate the excess food, and allocate containers to place
    • 2 - Raise the employees’ awareness about food waste by offering specialized trainings
    • 3 - Ensure the compliance with advanced ordering systems, to avoid error in the orders
    • 4 - Make sure that all employees in the facility know all the dishes and their ingredients very well