Portion Planning Tool

Community Awareness Campaigns

Negaderha program conducts ongoing awareness community campaigns, based on the most effective global practices and expertise. These campaigns aim to engage with the target audience, raise awareness regarding  food waste issue and provide practical solutions and advice that will help them make more efficient and sustainable choices. Negaderha awareness campaigns have been launched widely in malls in the Kingdom's major cities. Negaderha has also conducted digital campaigns in different occasions such as: “Be Creative and Appreciative”  and “Be Creative- The Challenge.”  These two campaigns were delivered as online competitions and aimed at  educating the audience on the solutions and advices related to using up food leftover to create new dishes. These campaigns have been highly interactive and have gained wide popularity within the targeted segment. Based on our impact measurement surveys, Negaderha has raised awareness regarding the food waste issue and the community adopted in formed practices that limit food waste in Saudi Arabia.