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Negaderha Alliance with the Food NGOs

Negaderha alliance with the national food non-governmental organizations aims to:

  • Build strategic partnerships with the local NGOs that specialize in food conservation in the Kingdom.

  • Establish a communication and networking hub between Negaderha and these NGOs, and expand Negaderha scope of work we to include all the major regions and cities in Saudi Arabia.

  • Activate the partnership between private, government and non-profit sectors in the Kingdom, and undertake strategic, sustainable initiatives to manage food waste management with some institutions in the future.

Representatives of government institutions, private sector and non-profit organizations attended the event. A workshop was held during the event, which discussed a high-level agenda, most importantly, the roadmap to create comprehensive and sustainable national plan for food waste management. During this event, Negaderha signed 15 memorandums of understanding with some of the NGOs.